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Credit Fix

Why do you need a clean credit record?

A clean Credit Profile is needed to Obtain Credit, a job, directorship, house etc. We have team of legal experts and attorneys that helps us to legally remove listings from our customer credit profiles.

Listings that can be removed:

  • Removal of Administration orders
  • Removal of Debt Review
  • Removal of Judgments
  • Removal of Default Listings
  • Removal of Garnishee Orders
  • Subscriptions where debt wasn’t pursued in 3 years


  1. Complete our contact form.
  2. We will request your ID and proof of residence via email.
  3. You will receive an OTP number via SMS which you need to forward to us.
  4. We will then access your credit profile and advice how we can assist, fees and time frame for removal as each listing differs.